Pentecost Art

4T looked at various artists’ interpretations of Pentecost. They discussed which ideas had been included and which had been left out, whether there were any symbolic representations and the emotion of the people in the art work.

Do you have a conscience?

We came to a part of our class story, Moby Dick, where the character Stubbs had to make an important decision under pressure. Pip, a slave on the boat had become entangled in a rope, which was attached to a large, sperm whale. Stubbs had to decide whether to give the order to cut the rope and free Pip, but lose the whale (which was worth a LOT of money) or leave him attached to die but catch the whale and earn lots of money.

We created a conscience alley, where Stubbs had to walk down the alley and listen to the persuasive arguments for and against. Fortunately, in the book, Stubbs chose to free Pip and value human life over money.

4T Celebration assembly

4T proudly shared their learning this half term with 6K. We started by sharing our motivating and inspiring speeches about plastic pollution. We used several literary strategies, such as: imagine 3, the rule of 3, rhetorical questions and reptilian. Then, we shared our fantastic recycled artwork and asked the year 6’s to see if they could guess what we had created. After, we shared our non-chronological reports about Orcas. Finally, we tested the year 6’s on their listening with a quick quiz. We’ve invited the Year 6’s to review our performance…let’s see what they have to say…

23rd March Day of National Reflection

The 23rd March, the first lockdown, will be a day for us to remember in history. To reflect on this life changing event, we took the time to meditate and be like a spring flower. We began controlling our breathing, listening to the patter of rain, imagining that we were a spring bulb in the soft, dark soil. As we listened to the rain, we started to grow shoots and reach up to the sun, stretching our bodies. This allowed us to slow down our thoughts and think about how we had all been affected, both positively and negatively.

Our first week back…

4T have settled right back into class, starting the week with catching up with their friends. Throughout the week, we have started to learn about decimals (tenths and hundredths) and planning/writing a motivating speech about plastic pollution. We finished off the week, with a music with Mr Mercer and are looking forward to being back on Monday!