Romain mosaics

We have been on an exciting journey learning about mosaics. We learned about how and why they were made, where you would find them and what kind of designs would have been created. We then designed our own mosaic using colouring pencils and grid paper. Finally, we used square dowelling to print out our final design. They look amazing! I think the Romans would definitely employ some of our class to design their mosaics!

Get epic is back!

Hello, great news! Get epic is back and free for schools. Today we logged into get epic and practised how to log on. This is a great way to continue reading over the weekend. I’ve recommend some books on the Romans and the digestive system as this is what we have been learning about the last few weeks. Go to!

Welcome back!

Welcome back to school! We’ve had a great first week settling into our brand new classroom and seeing friends again. We have begun to learn about a courageous, young woman called Malala Yousafszai. Malala was born in 1997 and lived in a peaceful valley in Pakistan. The Taliban took control of the valley and forbade girls from going to school. Malala thought this was unfair and wrote a blog under a pseudonym and delivered many speeches. One day, Malala got on the school bus, when the Taliban men stopped the bus and shot her. She was flown to Birmingham in the UK to recover and gained the support of many countries. Malala received a Nobel Peace Prize and is the youngest person ever to receive this.