4T Celebration assembly

4T proudly shared their learning this half term with 6K. We started by sharing our motivating and inspiring speeches about plastic pollution. We used several literary strategies, such as: imagine 3, the rule of 3, rhetorical questions and reptilian. Then, we shared our fantastic recycled artwork and asked the year 6’s to see if they could guess what we had created. After, we shared our non-chronological reports about Orcas. Finally, we tested the year 6’s on their listening with a quick quiz. We’ve invited the Year 6’s to review our performance…let’s see what they have to say…

15 thoughts on “4T Celebration assembly

  1. To 4T
    Your celebration was Incredible. Everyone who spoke, spoke clearly. They were really persuasive. They should keep trying hard. They will defenately like year 5 topic

    From Abdullah

  2. Well done it was great I was really impressed keep going.
    You worked very had. You was very passionate. You spoke clearly. You was enthusiastic.

    Well done 4T!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Hello 4T!
    Well done for sharing your learning. You were all very confident and showed enthusiasm when presenting. I learnt from you that Orcas can eat 500kg worth of food! If you keep working this hard I will guarantee you that you will love year 5 and the topics you do. Have a nice Easter break.

    Michael 🙂

  4. Hello 4T,

    I really loved the presentation and thought you did very well.
    That day I learned a lot about the 7 seas.
    I hope you have a fun Easter.

  5. Well done 4T! That was a really good presentation.I was amazed how you learned that in one morning.
    I learned so much from that presentation. I love how you presented as you were really confident when you were speaking.
    I learned a lot from that it was really good. You will love what you do in year 5.

    Keep up the good work!
    from Charlotte.

  6. Well done 4T!
    I learned so much and all your facts were very fascinating. You were all very enthusiastic and sounded very confident. You will love year 5, you do so many amazing topics.

    Keep the good work up!

  7. Hello 4T.
    I really enjoyed the celebration and I loved the sea creatures that you made using plastic. I learnt lots and lots of facts like that it takes 450 years for plastic to decompose and the speeches you wrote were really persuasive and made me want to do something. It is very clear that you guys are passionate in learning and you worked really hard. Keep on working hard and you’ll love Year 5. Have a great Easter!!!

  8. Hello 4T .Well done for sharing your learning ! I enjoyed your celebration and learned lots of new things that I might of forgotten . Hope Mrs Turney is proud of you all . Hope you have a great Easter and hope you have a great rest of year 4 .

    From Autumn Brewer.

  9. To: 4T
    Your celebration was amazing when you spoke it was very clear and all of your facts were brilliant. I found out that an Orca can eat 500kg and that 1/3 fish have plastic inside them. Well done on your celebration and look forward to your next topic. 🙂

  10. Hi 4T! I am from 6K and thought your presentation was brilliant. You all spoke very clearly and it was easy to understand what you were saying. I never knew how much pollution is in the water until you told us. You all did so well and are really good at the topic. It was crazy how you learnt all of that just in one day.

  11. Hello 4T,

    Thanks for sharing you’re learning. When I watched you’re assembly i thought i was watching Year 5. Mrs Turney’s class I have learn’t that Orcas can eat 500 kg in one day. I hope you do the same work and dedication in Year 5.


  12. Hello 4T! I’m from 6SK and i’m just here to say how good you guys did on your presentation, you was very brave standing up to us and sharing so many facts about Orcas.It was very easy to understand what you was saying because you was expressing it so good.Plus you learned that in about a couple of hours so that is amazing to be able to do.If you keep on doig this good stuff you will have a great time in y5. Bye!Bye!

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